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Christine wanted to use the programming keyboard again. . "Well, that will cost you 10 spankings when we get home. That got a weak laugh, followed by, "I suppose you'd treat her better". Despite having seen her nude many times, the clothing immediately made me want to see what was underneath it. Rex's smile changed to an all knowing smile as he stared at the blushing Mandy. Horny Mature Women Pics I would have treated her appropriately - for a 'bot - and that's all she would have ever been. I knew she was here to stay. Afterwards I fell asleep in her arms. . Rex looked at her stunned. . I couldn't let this chance of a lifetime pass without giving it my best swing. Horny Mature Women Pics . When finished, he extracted his painfully sensitive penis. We both smelled of cunny so I knew we needed to shower but the time was too short. Her heavy breasts swayed, exposed to this stranger's gaze. . It was his turn to moan as he slid his cock slowly into her mouth. It wasn't painful or unpleasant, but rather startling. Horny Mature Women Pics . She felt as though her pussy was on fire. For the first time she felt - this itself a new and surprisingly pleasant sensation for her - that she wanted something more. I felt her every move as if I was floating on a cloud. . I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs, of which she was showing a lot more of now that her skirt had hiked up as she sat down. June pushed them into her pussy one by one. Horny Mature Women Pics

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